Turkish Restaurant & Café Launches New Business in Turkey!

Many Iranian immigrants who travel to Turkey for employment and starting a business are thinking of starting restaurants and cafes with Iranian style and food. These Iranian restaurants and cafes do not have many customers in this country, but still many people are thinking of establishing […]

Employment in Turkey, Jobs for Foreigners!

Turkey's favorable economic conditions and bright future have led many people from friendly and neighboring countries to travel there in search of a better life. But you should know that despite the good economic growth of this country, the unemployment rate is still not close to zero. This fact shows the difficulty […]

What is the best job for foreigners working in Izmir, Turkey ?!

If you chose the city of Izmir to immigrate to Turkey, then you should also think about working in this city. As mentioned earlier, Turkey has grown economically and few people are unemployed. To work in Izmir, Turkey, you should look at your ability and interest to use […]

What do you know about Turkish agriculture, the most profitable profession in this country ?!

Many of us consider the Turkish economy to be based on tourism, but what many people are unaware of is the impact of agriculture on financial resources and the economy in general. In fact, one of the factors driving the economy of this country is agriculture! Proper management and decision […]

Unauthorized occupation for foreigners in Turkey, banned for foreigners!

As you know, foreigners living in Turkey need a work permit, which we have fully covered in the past. Now you should know that you as a foreigner are not allowed to choose any job and you should only work in activities that the Turkish government allows […]

Work permits for unusual jobs, work permits in the country!

Turkey's clear economic prospects have led to a large number of people from neighboring countries or even farther afield to travel to Turkey every year in order to build a better life and earn an ideal income. In addition to all the points that we have taught you in the previous articles, it is necessary in […]

Apply online for a work permit in Turkey, easily get a work permit!

If you are planning to work in Turkey you should know that there is also an online work permit application in Turkey which you can easily get your license.