Travel by Bus to Turkey, Land Trip and Easy to Turkey!

Due to its proximity to Turkey, Iran has many immigrants and travelers from this country, so the number of Iranian tourists in Turkey is high. Therefore, there are different ways to travel to this country from Iran. It is interesting to know that in addition to airplanes and bus trains, there are also additional travel routes […]

How to Buy Your Home in Turkey?

After buying or renting a property in Turkey, another immigrant's concern is buying home appliances. As a stranger and unfamiliar with the brands of this country and sales centers, you may be confused at first. Considering that all stores and brands follow advertisements to attract customers […]

Car hood to travel to Turkey, personal car travel to Turkey!

Traveling by car to another country always has its own fans. This type of travel will increase the power of decision making and options during your trip and you will experience an easier trip. But what do you need to travel to Turkey by car? With this article […]

Taxes in Turkey, Additional Taxes in Turkey!

Taxes are paid in Turkey like in any other country, and the amount of taxes in Turkey is higher than in Iran, so the country's economy depends on it. As we have said, Turkish tax covers the major part of the country's economy and the types of taxes are: property tax, property tax [[]

Free Medical Services in Turkey!

The first concern of every human being is health care, and if you intend to immigrate to Turkey, you must be informed about the health services of this country. We have shared a lot of information with you in the past, and in this article we intend to provide you with free medical services in Turkey. With us […]

Family Physician Services in Turkey, Getting to Know Health Homes in Turkey!

These days, when many people are planning to travel to Turkey, they are interested in learning about life in this country. Now, if you want to continue living in this country, it is better to know that the cost of treatment in this country is so high that if you have a cold […]

Which country is better suited to live in Turkey or Georgia ?!

Unsettled economic conditions, a deteriorating situation in work and life, as well as worries about the future have all made many Iranians think of migrating or settling in a better economic and social position. Despite increasing strictures on granting residence to foreigners by […]

The Turkish economy in simple terms, get to know the Turkish economy!

Economy is an issue that has occupied the minds of all of us these days! An issue that has overshadowed all aspects of life and its impact is undeniable. Therefore, one of the most important issues that you should pay attention to before migrating or investing in a foreign country is the economy! […]

Difference between Permanent Residence and Turkish Citizenship, do not confuse the two!

Many people do not know the difference between permanent residence and Turkish citizenship and may face problems. In this article, we will fully address these differences so that you do not face superficial problems in this country. Stay with us. "If you are going to buy a property in Turkey, offer [XNUMX]

Research visa in Turkey, how do researchers travel to this country ?!

Today, travel and immigration to Turkey have become very popular, and this popularity is greater among Iranians, because the two countries are religiously and culturally close to each other and not far apart in terms of distance. We have discussed visas and immigration to Turkey in the past, now to […]

What is the difference between Turkish visas and residence permits?

Starting a new way, migrating or staying in a foreign country for a limited time, always has its own questions and challenges. Whether your goal is work, education or treatment, you should always get basic information in this field before taking action. One of the most important points to be in […]

Rules for foreigners in Turkey, be sure to know these rules!

Good living conditions, prosperity, economic growth, technological progress, low cost of living have all made Turkey a suitable destination for migration. But after immigration, what laws have been enacted in support of the immigrant in this country, in other words, what is the law to protect the rights of foreign nationals? With […]

Neighborhood culture in Turkey, changes in texture and culture of this country!

The neighborhoods and textures of Turkish streets have changed a lot in the past few years Find out more about neighborhoods in Turkey by reading more about neighborhood culture in Turkey.