Taputakas System, a Secure Way to Buy Property in Turkey!

In recent years, many Iranians are migrating to Turkey to invest or invest. Among them, there are people who transfer money from their accounts in Iran to Turkey, but according to Iranian law, transferring money abroad is a difficult amount, and for this reason [XNUMX]

How To Sell Your Home In Turkey?

One of the concerns of immigrants in Turkey is selling the house they bought, which means they are worried about whether our house will be sold or how we should sell our property. These are the questions that people have in mind when selling a house in Turkey, but in this article we […]

Buying property in Izmir or Tehran, buying a house in Iran or Turkey ?!

Investing is one of the most ideal ways to earn money, which, like other ways, is not risk-free! If you choose the wrong place to invest, you may incur losses instead of making more profit. Hence, the first step in this direction is to gain accurate awareness. How are we […]

Getting a Turkish Residence Property Rental Get to know the most popular way to stay!

You can rent a property in Turkey, in fact, this method is one of the most popular methods of obtaining a residence permit in Turkey. If you are also planning to rent a property in Turkey, do not miss this article to comprehensively rent a house and tips […]