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Tapotakas system

Taputakas System, a Secure Way to Buy Property in Turkey!

In recent years, many Iranians are migrating to Turkey to invest or invest. Among them, there are people who transfer money from their accounts in Iran to Turkey, but according to Iranian law, transferring money abroad is a difficult amount, and for this reason [XNUMX]

Restaurant and cafe in Turkey

Turkish Restaurant & Café Launches New Business in Turkey!

Many Iranian immigrants who travel to Turkey for employment and starting a business are thinking of starting restaurants and cafes with Iranian style and food. These Iranian restaurants and cafes do not have many customers in this country, but still many people are thinking of establishing […]

Bus trip to Turkey

Travel by Bus to Turkey, Land Trip and Easy to Turkey!

Due to its proximity to Turkey, Iran has many immigrants and travelers from this country, so the number of Iranian tourists in Turkey is high. Therefore, there are different ways to travel to this country from Iran. It is interesting to know that in addition to airplanes and bus trains, there are also additional travel routes […]

Guide to Buying Home Appliances in Turkey

How to Buy Your Home in Turkey?

After buying or renting a property in Turkey, another immigrant's concern is buying home appliances. As a stranger and unfamiliar with the brands of this country and sales centers, you may be confused at first. Considering that all stores and brands follow advertisements to attract customers […]